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Cross-eyed cat figurine

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This fellow's eye problem began when I forgot to take out the plastic eyes before putting him in the oven. It's a set of those googley eyes. At first I was able to keep the problem in check (when I made these photos),

but today he looks like after the electric shock (pics on the RHS). Well, maybe crossed eyes on a cat figurine look kind of fun after all.

I just had a bunch of different color clay leftovers, some of it wasn't in a very good condition already, so I've used it to make this figurine. The only good clay is the thin layer of light green on top.

I think the technique of making such a figurine is quite obvious. Prepare all the body parts, stick them together. Put a head on a toothpick or even 2 of them so it stays in place. The tail is a metalic wire wrapped in clay. Whiskers and claws - thin metalic wire commonly used in jewelry making and crafting in general.

Update Feb 2015. Cat's got an eye operation ;) I've changed the eyes for the new ones. He's regular now. But also, with a new 'fur', more colorful today. I've simply used the markers to paint on the clay. Around the eyes I've used a yellow acryllic paint (which I'm not sure was a good move), but the yellow/light green markers on the body look great, IMO. Before and after:

clay cat

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