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My first polymer clay woman figure

More of my sculptures in sculpting section

'Headless horseman'

work in progress

On this work in progress picture you can see the brand of polymer clay I've used. Sculpey's 'Living Doll'. It was ok but later on I went to try Cernit 'Doll Collection' and definitely liked it better. I'll elaborate on that in my future post about the 2nd female figure I made :)

I am very critical of my first work, I wasn't really trying, too impatient to actually finish the first human figurine. Didn't even try to work on fingers. Also, didn't have the proper tools back then.

Oh an the hair? She's wearing a towel. It's a SPA day.)))

The surface looks a bit too dirty, not smooth enough, proportion isn't perfect...

But as a pilot project it will do.

As you might notic the breats were bigger at first. Then I came to my senses and gave her 'breast-reductive plastic surgery' so that people would actually see the whole figure easily not the most protruding parts. They're still too big dammit. :D

So basically I've made 6 parts: head, torso, arms and legs and then attached them together. Legs have wires in them, so does the neck, naturally.

Questions, comments, suggestions?