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Cute dragon from polymer clay

More of my sculptures in sculpting section

Here is my cute baby dragon with a butterfly.

It was one of my first figurines so I was too absorbed by experimenting to take any pictures in the process. After all, I wasn't sure if what I'm making will look good enough. Turned out ok, I think. Now that I have thjis website I promise to take step by step shots when sculpting. :)

Inside its belly is the aluminium foil ball (the one we use in our kitchens). Read this advise somewhere and decided to save me some clay. Worked well. Alternatively, you can use 'waste clay', if it can even be called that because almost any piece of polymer clay can be used somewhere. But if you have lots of small bits of it laying around that you can not think of utilizing any time soon - stuff it inside some figurine. 

dragon figurine

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, hope to replace them with ones taken on a less misty day. Ok, I've found one made earlier:
baby dragon sculpt

Now you are able to see all the flaws :D

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