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Sculpting with polymer clay

My sculpting with polymer clay examples, tips and hints

Tips, tricks and tutorials:

01-11-2015 My first wire tree AND how to rescue burnt oven baked clay
How to save some of the burnt polymer clay creations, for example a wire tree.


07-01-2015 Polymer clay sheep tutorial
Clay sheep step by step with pictures. DIY cute polymer clay figurine.


13-06-2014 My pasta machine (for polymer clay)
Showing off my own pasta machine

My sculptures:
Basic steps of crafting with polymer clay:
  1. condition it (work the clay in your hands so it's nice and soft),
  2. make your shape, apply texture, add colours, whatever embeddings you might want etc
  3. bake it according to the directions on the package of the polymer clay you used. if you used several brands and they recommend different temperatures, bake at the lowest
  4. after baking, you can add glitter to your creations, paint them with acryllic paint, glue something on top with industrial glue and apply glaze