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Venetian dalmatian :)

Materials used: murano glass, acryl, plastic

This set reminds me of dalmatian dogs. But I assure you, none of the 101 dalmatians were harmed Wink It's made of venetian glass beads (murano).

Both necklace and bracelet are made using memory wires. 

The smaller beads are acrylic and plastic. You might notice that white and gray plastic ones were made to resemble marble and they're great,

... until the pattern peels off with time and they turn plain white. That's actually a common problem with cheaper beads and jewellery components in general: they lose their initial look as the creation is being worn. I had to re-make this same set with new components as the older ones deteriorated.

So if you're intending on wearing your jewellery for years to come rather than a couple of months do use quality beads and either silver/gold-plated or titanium metallic elements. Especially those beads/pendats/chains/fasteners that will be in close contact with skin. If we're talking just some losely hanging in the air element - will be just fine even if it's cheap.

Murano glass is flawless, of course. It can only crack on you but I wouldn't say it's extra fragile or anything. This flat disc shape is the one I refer the most. What do you think?

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