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Texturized clay and seashells

Materials used: polymer clay, seashells

Necklace length - 57cm

This was made with real seashell beads, polymer clay and pastels.

I'm really glad I was able to get ahold of such beads, they come in handy in many other designs:

seashell beads

I'm not sure where you could find the exact same kind but here's something similar.

The round shell was simply glued onto the clay. I can't remember which way I used here, but generally I either glue elements on top before baking - in which case I use the bake and bond glue or after - with superglue. I think the first method is preferable.

The texture was acquired with the help of silicone stamp:

silicon texture

Precisely, it's Viva's floral silicone stamp. Obviously, you just press it against the surface of the clay and you get the pattern.

The pastels I use are Korean. No special reason, they were just available at the local store so I tried them. Can't complain, they do their job.


The technique is to gently scratch the pastel with a knife or a blade to make some color powder, then dip your fingertip in it and apply the pigment on the texturized clay. Why finger and not a brush? Because brush will get the powder in the indentations as well and the whole point of texturizing the elements will be lost. Indentations should remain white. As you may notice I've used a lighter color in the middle and a darker one on the edges. Just seemed right. You may decide to try something different.

The clay itself was white 'Cernit number one': quite good, rather inexpensive brand of clay.

The stud earrings. If you'd like some tips on them, I refer you to this general guide.

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