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White and blue beaded bracelet

Materials used: glass, plastic

Necklace length - 21cm

Yay, I've made my first multi layered bracelet using this technique (whatever it's called, I'm no scholar, I'm a practitioner :D).

Always liked this voluminous look of such beaded bracelets, comprising of a chain (or 2 parallel chains in my case) with lots of beads fixed on them, hanging in all directions.

As shown on the second picture, I took 2 pieces of a good, strong chain and connected them together with 3 flat and long beads and 2 metallic connectors. Then started attaching a bunch of beads and pendants onto them.

A little back-pain and sore fingers, and voila, 4 hours later my jewellery was finished :D "So that's why this kind of bracelets always cost more" - I thought to myself. Of course, more beads used as well, but I think it's mainly the time spent making the thing. But hey, it's worth it, isn't it?

It's only plastic. Mostly. Those white beads, 99% of them are simple plastic. The blue ones - frosted glass. Then there are a few acrylic crystals and some Czech crystals and petals. The transparent white leaves - also acrylic. I've decided to not use any pricey beads for my first try of the new design. But then I did include 8: five white round textured beads with (they are from gigantic molluscs) and 3 aquamarine beads. I may remove them to use in more prominent spots on other jewelry though.

The measurrements of this statement bracelet came up to 21cm in length, 5cm in width and the weight is a little over 97 grams. Now imagine if the beads were real gem stones, the weight would've been much bigger, we'd be practically doing the arms workout by wearing such jewellery on our hands! :D

Observe another photo:

What's great about the jewellery on stronger chains is that you can easily regulate its width. Depending on how narrow or wide you want this bracelet to be, you fix the fastener on any of the closing links.

Update 14/03/2015. Found these 3 roses I'd purchased a long time ago and didn't know where to use and decided to re-make the bracelet into the earrings+bracelet set. I think I like it better now.

The shape of the bracelet have been modifed a little. The earrings are simple studs with silicone stoppers. What do you think, does it look nicer with roses?

beaded rose bracelet

What I also like on beaded bracelets like this one are watch faces. I've got a batch on the way, hopefully I'll try them soon :)

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