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glass jewelry

Light and long purple necklace, bracelet and earrings

Materials used: acryl, obsidian, agate

Necklace length - 96cm

I love this set. Not sure if mostly for the color or the actual design. Here you see the purple velvet cord, glued and/or tied to other elements of the necklace and bracelet.

To cover the glue stains or simply to decorate the ends of the bows made from the same piece of cord I've used the purple nail polish.

Acrylic leaves you might have noticed on my other designs. They're cute and very light. 

Dark brown beads are made from obsidian stone. Light brown (red-ish) beads - from agate.

The small purple ones are wooden. 

And, finally, the see-thru beads are acryllic.

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