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Layered faux turquoise bracelet

Materials used: plastic, czech crystal

This layered bracelet is quite easy to make: simply string the beads on the beading wire and connect the ends of the 3 - or more if you prefer - layers together.

I chose these faux turquoise nuggets and Czech crstals for this one, combining them with gold-like elemens.

Here's a similar design.

More photos:

fake turquoise charm


You can make all layers equal length or you might decide to make one longer, like I have, which will result in it falling over the neighboring bead layer. A bit of assymmetry and dynamics never hurts.

I suppose one of the keys to creating a nice looking jewellery is to combine transparent, crystal-like elements with solid opaque colored (not see-through) components. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, and it also depends on the quality of the materials you're using, but that's just my observation. And while opaque colored beads may very well do without crystals, transparent beads on their own more often than not don't make a great composition. Again, with exceptions.

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