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Pink lampwork hearts

Materials used: murano glass, agate

This is one of my early creations. (the earliest ones are too ugly to even feature here, but maybe I'll dump a few pics on a dedicated 'wall of shame' kind of page hehe)

The highlight of this set are obviously the murano glass hearts. This kind of pendants can be pretty gorgeous on their own, just hanging on the ribbon like here:  pendants

The white beads are Czech, I think, at least that's how they were called in the store. Don't come with a barcode on them ;) They certainly feel non-Chinese though, very interesting matt surface, they don't look like cheap plastic.

While the flat pink beads are plastic, acrylic, to be precise. They look cool at the beginning but through time, if you, like me, don't treat your jewellery with a lot of care, may acquire scratches.

The brown ones are frosted agate.

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