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Starry Nights

Materials used: pearls

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1991 Laughing

There aren't many other occasions I'd think of in relation with this piece of jewelry. The necklace is really long and featuring 5 and 6 centimeter  discs.

The black disks are shell beads. Quite thin. I've both used them as stand alone elements and underneath the metallic disks which I think was a great idea.

Light and tender silver-like chain comes pre-decorated with little balls, and I've further enrighed it with larger filigrane metallic beads.

The necklace makes a bit of noice when disrupted. Jingle bells kind of noise, really cheerful actually.)))

Another name I thought would fit it was 'starry night'. Well, I guess there's no contradiction. It's a starry Christmas party night. Or something Laughing

As I've said, this necklace is pretty long, much longer than this display stand can show, it reaches almost as far as the belly button, depending on a person's figure.

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