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Agate stone butterfly necklace

Materials used: agate, pearls, amethyst

I've had this butterfly sitting in my box for quite a while, no other beads seemed to quite go with it. I'm still not perfectly satisfied with this solution, but the good thing is it's easy to assemble and take apart such a necklace, so when I find some better option I'll do just that.

Meanwhile, I've also had these faux pearls leftovers, Czech crystals and a few amethyst beads. I've surrounded the butterfly with those purple amethyst beads, there's also one more sitting on the opposite side to it.

At first I was going like 'dark pearl, white pearl', but then I thought it looked too boring and predictable so instead I've made those dark/light sections and it seems to be a better idea.

Also, the butterfly isn't centered, it's on the side of the necklace for the same kind of reason - to appear less conventional (i.e. 'pendant in the center').

As you may notice, I haven't fixed the fastener yet. I will, just took the picture while the sun was up)

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