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Beaded kumihimo braid: first awkward try

I've got this urge to try new things in jewellery making. So when I came across those beautiful bracelets and necklaces labeled 'kumihimo' I had to learn what that means and how they're done.

And to buy my own kumihimo braiding disc and some long magatamas (that's what those seeds are called) and, of course, fail miserably on my first attempt. Although at least the result somewhat resembles the desired one. I still have to learn that beads pushing down move. Mine are facing different directions when they should be tidy and well aligned.

So this is the view of my disc from the front:

kumihimo disc

And here's the result I got:

kumihimo long magatama

When it should look like this:

kumihimo bracelet example

Isn't it gorgeous? I love this look.

Obviously, I can't share much of wisdom on how to make a proper kumihimo bracelet, but I'll gladly share the best tutorial - in my opinion - on the topic.


I know one thing: practice makes perfect. Don't be discouraged if you, like me, don't get this braiding tight from the start. I remember my first jewellery designs. Man they were awful! They seemed nice to me back then because I was amazed that I could put them together at all. But yeah, they were pretty ugly and I've been maing some mistakes first. But give it time and if you still don't hate doing what you're doing, you'll see that your crafts start improving. Good luck to us all in our brave new experiments! 

... brave as in watching a video tutorial and trying to replicate? Yeah, right! :D :) :)

Woohoo! I think I got it now. Here' my second try:

nice kumihimu bracelet tutorial

Good. Now I can go to sleep without having to rationalize why I didn't succeed the first time. Who cares, I got it now!)))

Update 09/10/2015 I did it! Here's my first kumihimo bracelet (no clasps so far)

my first kumihimo seed bracelet

I gotta tell you, it took me more than 1 hour to just string on my seeds on those 8 cords! The braiding itself is much more fun.

Update 12/10/2015

How about a two-colored kumihimo bracelet?

Well, here's my first. Lovely, isn't it?

two color kumihimo bracelet

To make such yourself, or another pattern wth two colors, simply follow ther schemes offered here. I've used the braid pattern #2, where same colors are situated opposite to each other.


Questions, comments, suggestions?

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